Glazers has an experienced team to carry out due diligence assignments for clients acquiring businesses, securing funding or floating on a listed market.

What due diligence involves

Due diligence involves a detailed investigation by Glazers into the company being purchased. It covers:

  • The business structure – how it is owned and constituted and what changes will be necessary prior to acquisition.

  • The financial health of the business, based on a detailed examination of past financial statements and an analysis of the existing asset base.

  • The credibility of the owners, directors and senior managers of the business, including validation of the CV’s of key management.

  • The future potential of the business, reflected in the strength of its products and services, and the probability of earnings growth over the medium-to-long term.

  • An assessment of the risk involved in the business, in terms of markets, strategy and likely future events.

  • The company’s business plan, in terms of how realistic it is, how solid the assumptions used and how well it conveys the business potential.

The work is carried out by our team of experienced, professional staff, with additional expertise drafted in, if necessary, to cover any specialist or legal aspects of the assignment.

If you would like to discuss how we can help you, contact Philippe Herszaft or Jessie Kho on 020 8458 7427 or click on either of their names to send an email.
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