Guiding You Through Auto-Enrolment and Re-Enrolment

As you are probably already aware, auto-enrolment legislation requires all businesses to automatically enrol any members of staff aged 22 and over into an appropriate workplace pension scheme.

However, an employer’s responsibilities do not stop there. Businesses need to ‘re-enrol’ any workers who have ‘opted out’ of the scheme once every three years.

Re-enrolment will start from the date of your auto-enrolment staging date and will require you to identify which members of staff need to be re-enrolled, contact them and complete a re-declaration of compliance.

Ensuring you are following these rules correctly is vital for all businesses – as is keeping on top of your payroll and amending the level of auto-enrolment pension contributions accordingly as and when changes are announced by the Government.

Here at Glazers, we can help you to ensure compliance and provide you with hands-on assistance and guidance throughout the process, from helping you assess the cost for your company and setting up or reviewing your pension arrangements, to managing your payroll function so that you are fully compliant.

For more information about how we can help you, or to find out your staging date, contact any of our partners on 020 8458 7427 or contact our payroll manager Avril Wildman.