Happy Retirement Stewart!

After many happy years here, Stewart Okin has retired as a Glazers partner this month. He is however continuing with the firm as a consultant for the time being in order to ensure the smooth handover to other partners of each client that he has been responsible for looking after.

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Small businesses see changes to the VAT Flat Rate Scheme

Small business users of the VAT Flat Rate Scheme who have low costs may see the rate they pay drastically increase under new changes, which came into effect at the beginning of this month.

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Important tax changes for non-doms

Significant changes affecting the UK tax status of non-domiciled individuals (non-doms) will take effect on 6 April 2017 – and have far-reaching consequences for the majority of those who have previously enjoyed the tax breaks associated with non-dom status, regardless of whether they were initially born overseas or in the UK.

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Record number of employers underpaying workers

As the National Minimum Wage goes up this month, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has released its latest ‘rogue’s gallery’ of under-payers – and it is the biggest list to date.

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Making Tax Digital: Cash basis accounting for landlords

As part of the introduction of Making Tax Digital, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has confirmed that it will extend the simplified cash basis of accounting for businesses with a turnover below £150,000.

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Trivial in name only – do you know the rules on trivial benefits in kind?

Although designated as ‘trivial’ by the taxman, trivial benefits in kind can result in tax savings for you and your employees, which can be anything but trivial.

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Warning over unexpected late payment notices in relation to now-liquidated companies

A number of prominent UK collection agencies appear to be closely monitoring liquidations and issuing some businesses and individuals who have purchased goods and services from now-liquidated companies with unexpected payment notices.

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